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Dentures Panania Patients Will Love

If you’re considering dentures, Panania dental patients should know that Picnic Point Dental is here to help. We provide a variety of denture options to restore missing teeth and give you back your smile. Using some of the latest technology our dentist in Panania 2213 ensures that your dentures are an exact fit and complement your facial features perfectly.

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Types of Dentures in Panania NSW

Partial dentures are used to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth and are secured in place by metal clasps that hug the natural teeth at either side of the gap. Since the teeth with clasps have natural roots, partial dentures tend to be more stable.

Full or complete dentures in Panania NSW fit closely to the underlying gums as well as the bone. A natural layer of saliva between the denture and the gums helps to keep the denture in place.

Usually, fewer problems are experienced with upper dentures because the seal is stronger due to the larger surface area. Typically most patients here in Panania NSW will find that dental adhesive is necessary to help secure a lower denture.

Implant-retained Dentures in Panania NSW – A Secure Solution

For people in Panania NSW who are happy to wear dentures but struggle to keep them in place, we offer implant dentures. These are held in place by four to six strategically placed implants and because they are anchored into the jaw, they have better stability and a more natural appearance.

The implants help prevent bone loss, which is why dentures need adjusting periodically. In some cases, a patient’s existing dentures here in Panania NSW can be modified to fit onto the dental implants and are snapped on and off for cleaning and sleeping.

We get huge satisfaction restoring a person’s smile and helping a person enjoy a better quality of life. When it comes to dentures, Panania patients in NSW find them to be more affordable and faster than implants.

For natural-looking fixed or removable dentures contact our friendly dentists in Panania NSW today. We offer outstanding dental care and denture services at affordable prices.

Individual results may vary. Please consult us to find out if a procedure is suitable for you.
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.